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Why the Energy Transition pathway?

The Energy Transition pathway will be a great fit for you if you’re research driven, environmentally conscious, or have an interest in alternative energy for your community.

Houston: The Energy 2.0 Capital of the World

18 Fortune 500

energy corporate headquarters

4,600 energy companies &

30+ wind related companies


energy workers in Houston region

100+ solar related companies

Houston’s solar market has doubled in size for two consecutive years

⅓ regional GDP

(gross domestic product) comes from the energy sector

80+ digital tech companies in energy

Data analytics, remote sensing, cloud processing, AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning)

City of Houston Climate Action Plan

Electric car charging port.


Convert non-emergency, light-duty municipal fleet to 100% EV (electric vehicles) by 2030; Reduce VMT (vehicle miles traveled) per capita 20% by 2050; Zero traffic-related fatalities by 2030; 500 miles of bike lanes by 2025.

Energy Transition Image.

Energy Transition

5 million MWh (megawatt hour) local solar per year by 2050; Attract/incubate 50 energy 2.0 companies by 2025; 4.6 million new native trees planted by 2030; 100% renewables for city facilities

Electric car charging port.


Adopt 2021 ICC model building code by 2025; Double number of PACE (property assessed clean energy) projects by 2025; 70% of non-residential buildings operated by trained building operators by 2030

Material Management Image.

Materials Management

Reduce residential waste 50% by 2040; Convert municipal solid waste fleet to low-emission vehicles by 2030; Adopt long range solid waste plan in 2020

Energy Path

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