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Building Financial Literacy

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HoustonBack on Track is an employer-led job recovery initiative with a mission to help Houstonians get back on their feet or improve their career path. Houston Back on Track provides access to short-term training, certification programs, and career coaching through community and education partnerships.  

Establishing a solid financial education is essential to beginning a new career journey. A study done by the Milken Institute found that only 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate. Financial literacy is understanding and effectively managing personal finances, budgets and investments. Successful financial management is a tool you can use long-term, no matter where your career path takes you.

Two of our Houston Back on Track partners that offer wrap around services such as financial planning are the Wesley Community Center andMemorial Assistance Ministries. They may also offer clients solutions and answers to their needs for daycare, healthcare, utility assistance, transportation, etc.

The Wesley Community Center’s financial stability program provides one-on-one financial coaching, education and low-cost financial products for individuals and families to teach them the skills and lead them to the resources needed to become financially stable. This short video from our partners explains how they can help you begin your financial journey.

To learn more about how Houston Back on Track can help your career journey, visit our website.