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Got Questions?

We get those a lot. Below are the most frequently asked questions we get about how this all works. Please check below to see if your questions are answered, but if you still have more, we’re more than happy to answer them in person.
What jobs are available that I am eligible to apply for?
Open roles at our employers vary from time to time, but you can generally expect to see open roles in healthcare, transportation, customer service and energy.
What are the salary opportunities?
Salary range information varies by position and is always determined by the employer. General information is posted on the career pathways page.
What are the benefits?
Benefits vary by the position as offered by employer partners.
Where are the jobs located?
Our employers are located throughout the Houston area, offering in-person positions and virtual options with a few roles.
I am employed now but am looking for a better job. Do you offer opportunities for me to move up?
Our employer partners offer many different positions, from entry level to management. If you have the experience for a better position than you are in now, we encourage you to apply for that role. If you see a job you like but do not yet have the background for it, our career coaches will work with you to create a plan to bridge the gap. All our employers provide the opportunity to move up in their organizations, regardless of entry point.
I don’t have a 4-year degree – Am I still eligible for these positions?
Yes. Most available positions do not require a 4-year degree.
What additional types of training or education do I need?
Some roles may require training, depending on your background. To help you achieve your career goals, our community partners will assign a career coach who will assess your needs. Then the coach will work with you to create a training plan. Many of the training opportunities are offered for free, but this depends on the program. All of our community partners are nonprofit organizations that use outside funding to pay for services and support to their clients. The location of training will vary by program, with some located at their facilities and others online.
What kind of services do your community partners offer?
Our community partners all offer career and financial coaching at no fee to clients. Many also offer in-house training programs, while others work with third party providers to offer training and education. In some cases, community partners also offer wraparound services like childcare and education, serve as food pantries, and may help meet other critical needs.
What is a Career Coach?
A career coach is a professional who works with clients to help them meet their professional goals. Coaches may offer support in the following areas: training, resume writing, soft skills, LinkedIn profile creation, and other key areas. These services are provided for free but will require work and commitment by the jobseeker.
Do community partners speak Spanish or other languages?
Most of our community partners have staff that are multilingual.
Is transportation provided? Are remote roles being offered?
Most of our community partners offer Metro cards or other transportation support to clients who commit to their processes. In some cases, employer partners offer remote work opportunities.

If we haven’t answered a specific question, we encourage you to fill out this short form and we’ll connect you to a community partner. They will be able to answer all your questions and support you on the road to a new career.

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