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Skills Development

Many people feel that if they didn’t go to college, they won’t be able to get a good job. Or build a solid career. And this isn’t true.Of course, there are many positions and career paths that do require a college degree, but there are many well paying career paths that don’t. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some skills to get these jobs.

There are four types of skills that most jobs require at different levels based on the position. Our community partners’ career coaches will work with you to determine what skills you need for the career you are interested in, help you attain those skills and even go through mock interviews with you so you can get a good job that will lead to a solid career.

Here’s a break down of the different skill sets:

Essential or Soft Skills :

You can also think of these as people skills. These are your personal qualities that go beyond technical or specific job-related knowledge which are known as hard skills. These skills are more about how you interact with others and handle various situations and they are applicable across all industries and any profession and can play an important part in your success.

Digital Skills :

Most jobs today have some level of digital skills required. Basic digital skills are the ability to use devices like a computer, tablet or mobile phone for simple, personal and work tasks and be able to find and use information on the internet.

Hard Skills :

These are more durable skills that can be used in various occupations, regardless of industry. These could be proficiency in Excel and Tableau (the foundation of data analytics); project management online tools and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) platforms are just some examples.

Occupation or Industry-Specific Skills :

These are attained through either education, or on the job training. They are measurable and can be described using numerical or yes/no criteria. Hard skills may require certifications, a degree or years of experience.

Partners In Your Success

Together with our business, education and community partners, we are committed to creating the infrastructure to establish a diverse workforce that is inclusive of all Houstonians.

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