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Diversity Strengthens Houston's Workforce

Career Development

Houston Back on Track, a job recovery initiative of Greater Houston Partnership, relies on the support of its community partners to help anyone in the Houston area, at no charge, receive the skills they need to interview for and begin a new career successfully. According to Wallet Hub,Houston is the tenth most diverse city among large cities (population of300,000 or more) and number 27 among all cities in the United States. Our community partners work in underserved neighborhoods throughout Houston to accommodate and understand their client's needs and how they can offer support.  

We continue to focus on forging a diverse workforce for Houston among several industries, including customer service, energy, medical and transportation. Our community partners offer many programs, including Houstonians of different life experiences, backgrounds and neighborhoods, demonstrating how diversity strengthens the workplace and our city.

Houston Area Urban League, or HAUL, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that empowers black people and marginalized communities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. HAUL offers three levels of skills training to help clients find new employment opportunities. The first level is basic skills training: it teaches essential skills such as resume development, practical communication and presentation skills. The next program is core skills training, which is an extension of basic skills training but specializes in improving upon soft skills the client previously learned. The final level is the Workforce Occupational Skills Core Program, which provide stools to prepare individuals for success in emerging and high-growth industries.

Memorial Assistance Ministries, or MAM, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization seeking to build stable families, a dynamic workforce and vibrant communities in Houston.MAM has an English as a Second Language program as part of its advanced literary services. The course is for anyone who wants to speak and understandEnglish better. This program empowers non-native English speakers to participate in their children's education and work in our communities. The program has six instructional levels, from Foundations for Beginners toAdvanced Conversation.

WorkFaith is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that embraces faith-based training and coaching for clients who desire long-term employment. WorkFaith offers several training opportunities to clients, including their On-Demand IMPACT program, designed to teach soft skills like problem-solving, adaptability, conflict resolution and teamwork in under 30 minutes. They also offer longer courses, career coaching and interview training. To help native Spanish speakers, WorkFaith created theSpanish IMPACT Certification Program. Whether your goal is to return to the workforce or find a new, rewarding career, Houston Back on Track community partners are here to help you through your career journey.  

We have passed on more than 4,000 interested Houstonians' contact information to these and more local partners in the last 10 months. The partners then reach out and begin a journey that can lead to new and better career paths. You can be next. To start your journey towards a new career, visit the "Get Started" tab on the website. Look for an email from a Houston Back on Track representative within 48 business hours, Monday-Friday. If you want to become a Houston Back on Track partner, fill out the "Become a HoustonBack on Track Partner" form on our website.