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Houston Back on Track and Community Partners Help Develop Leadership Skills

Career Development

February is National Leadership Month and here at Houston Back on Track, we believe in the importance of building of skills to start on your path to a new career. One undeniable skill that helps with your success in any field is that of leadership. Houston Back on Track has a passion for building a community and with our partners, we work to provide the resources to develop a strong skillset for you.

There are several skills that help in creating a strong leader, including, but not limited to, strong communication, motivation, responsibility, respect, empathy, and critical thinking. These skills are not exclusive to managerial positions but can be applicable to many situations. Houston Back on Track and our community partners offer various trainings to develop a lot of these skills.

Houston Area Urban League, or HAUL, is one of our community partners that offers what they call Basic Skills Training. HAUL offers these skills trainings through their Employment Orientation Core Program and includes a personal assessment, resume development, presentation skills/dress for success, effective communication skills, and interviewing techniques. All of these help in building confidence for individuals. We are proud to call HAUL a partner as they enable Black people and other marginalized communities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.

UnitedWay of Greater Houston is another one of our partners with the mission of working together to improve lives, build a stronger community, and create meaningful opportunities for people to prosper. They provide an integrated client journey in order to help individuals build their own personalized pathway to achieving financial stability and access services along the way. This can include career coaching and different trainings.

There are many other partners and skills training that are available to individuals looking to build a future and we want to be there to help along the way and to develop leadership skills. Visit the Houston Back on Track website today to learn more about the skill development we offer.