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Navigating Success in the New Year with Houston Back On Track

Career Development

Happy New Year from Houston Back On Track! As we dive into another year of possibilities, now is the perfect time to reflect and set your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re looking to begin a near career this year, HoustonBack On Track, a job recovery initiative created by theGreater Houston Partnership, is here to help. Through our community and education partnerships, we will connect you to educational programs, short-term certifications and career coaching that bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

As you head in the New Year, using these strategies can turn your career resolutions into reality:

1.    Self-Reflect:Take time to reflect on your skills, interests and values. Understanding your best skills can help you decide on a career journey that will complement your strengths and fulfill your interests.

2.    Define Clear Goals: Outline specific and achievable career goals. Whether you’re just looking to build a new skill, complete a certification, or secure your dream job, having clear objectives for yourself can help you seek the necessary tools to kickstart your journey.

3.    Utilize Career Coaching: A career coach can provide a new perspective on your strengths and propel you into a new career. Houston Back On Track can connect you to career coaches who will help you develop a step-by-step plan.

4.    Practice Discipline: Research suggests that only nine percent of Americans who make resolutions complete them. Set smaller, more reasonable and attainable goals to increase your chances of success.

Let this new year be the beginning of exciting possibilities and professional growth for you! Learn more by visiting the Houston Back On Track website and filling out our interest form. We can connect you with career and educational resources to set goals, map out your career path, and provide the tools you need. Start down your new career path today!