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Refresh your Resume for the New Year with Houston Back on Track

Career Development

A new year brings new opportunities as many companies begin hiring again after an end-of-year lull. Now is the time for you to prepare, and one way to start your new career journey is to update your resume. Whether you're looking to transition between industries or prepare for an interview, having an updated resume helps you stand out to recruiters.  

Suppose you're feeling overwhelmed by dusting off the resume, or you need help knowing where to begin. In that case, Houston Back onTrack, the job recovery initiative of the Greater Houston Partnership, is hereto connect you to our community and education partners who can help. Our community partners offer skill certification and educational programs to make you a top candidate.

Below are a few strategies that can guide you along the way:

1. Clean Up Your Resume Layout

Give your resume a new look by making it clean and easy to read. Studies have shown that, on average, recruiters spend about six to eight seconds reviewing resumes before they decide if you are a suitable candidate. A consistent font color, size and clear sections highlight your skills and make a positive impression.  

2. Use Powerful Action Words

Make your resume strong by using action verbs that demonstrate your positive impact in your positions. According to Indeed,"Action verbs help to create an impact when delivering information., When used within a resume, action verbs help the application package standout." Instead of stating, "I created schedules and shifts," opt for "I managed a team of 15 by creating weekly schedules, overseeing shift transactions and allocating resources to meet store demands."

3. Highlight Your Skills and Certifications:

In a competitive job market, your skills and certifications matter. If you've earned certifications or completed short courses, feature them! Our Houston Back on Track partners, like Houston AreaUrban League (HAUL) and WorkFaith, will help you identify the skills you may need to brush up on. HAUL teaches participants essential skills such as resume development, practical communication and presentation skills. WorkFaith'sOn-Demand IMPACT program teaches soft skills like problem-solving, adaptability, conflict resolution and teamwork.

4. Get Feedback and Proofread:

Don't do it alone! Having someone look at your resume can help you catch spelling and grammar errors you may have missed. They may also identify opportunities to highlight your strengths and experiences you're unaware of. Houston Back on Track can connect you to career coaches and help fine-tune these skills on your resume.

Let your updated resume guide you to new opportunities in the new year! If you are ready to take the first step towards a new career, we encourage you to visit the Houston Back on Track website to connect with a dedicated career coach. Get started today!